Our nano bar

In a corner of Tooting Market sits a nano bar that serves everything Graveney Gin as well as other small craft gins from across the world. If you are new to gin or 'gaining experience' we have something for everyone and at hand to guide you through. 

Graveney Gin inside Tooting Market

Monday Closed

Tuesday 12:00pm to 6pm

NEW Wednesday 12:00pm to 10pm 

Thursday 12:00pm to 11:00pm

Friday and Saturdays 12:00pm to 11:30pm

Sunday 12:00pm to 6pm

Christmas Hours: 

Christmas at the shop/bar: We closed on the 23rd Dec at 4pm and open Wednesday 27th at 12pm

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Our Gin and tonics 

This is a great place to start if you are new to Graveney Gin and we are more than happy to tailor it to your taste. G&T's start from £5 for a single to £6.50 for a double including tonic and any garnish of your choice. Got a large group and all drinking the same, why not get our Drink in Bottle with unlimited tonic for £58

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Gin based cocktails

This is where we let our hair down and create delicious and Tooting favourite cocktails with Graveney Gin. All priced at £7 and normally contain a double. 

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A great martini needs a great gin

Graveney Gin offers everything from the classic and sophisticated martini or more adventurous versions. All priced at £7